MESCALEROS was born during Summer of 2006, when Amadeo proposed to his old time friend Javi to build up a Hard Rock band.

Later, Alfonso (Amadeo’s brother) joined them and the project started rolling on.

Amadeo and Alfonso had been playing on the 80’s in some Barcelona bands (Eleazar de Wörms, Ariadne…).

In 2007, by the middle of April, just by chance, they met Alejandro, a teen (at that moment he was 15 !!) who kicked the drums real well, so with only one test, he came into the band.

So only a bass player was required and, on July 2007, Roger (Hrodgar Oddinson) became another Mescalero.

They started making covers from ZZ Top, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rory Gallagher, Ted Nugent… while also writing some own songs.

On July 2009 Roger decided to leave the band just for starting a new different project.

From August 2009 came a new bassist, Carmelo Gómez, but he was not the required bass player.

After one month searching bass player, on November 2009 came Manu Reno (Voll-Band, Nexis, Mercenarios…) who joined the band with no difficulties, so the team was consolidated and then they decided to work only on their own material.

On September 2011, Alejandro decided to leave the band due to a personal matters. Then came the new drummer Tony Sanz (OnTheRhoads, Motosierras, Mercenarios…).

On March 2013 Tony Sanz leaves the band and on April they had a new drummer: Jordi Steve (OnTheRoads, Blue Dynasty...), but on January 2014 Jordi is forced to leave the band due to a job matters.

After three months they luckily met Sergio Gavin (ex-Tribute,...) who fits perfectly with the band attitude. Good drummer, better person.

By October 2014 they started recording a new work: "No Man's Land", which was finished and released almost one year later, achieving very good reviews on music press (Popular 1, Metal Hammer, ...) and social media.

On November 2016, Javier decides to leave the band due to a personal matters and the band stablishes, from now on, as a quartet.

All over these years MESCALEROS have been a lot of gigs, opening shows for Lujuria, Panzer, Pendejo, Punto de Mira, Nashville Pussy, Eddie Spaghetti, Barón Rojo, and they have also played on several Fests, as the III Leyendas del Rock, sharing stage with UFO, Saxon, Ángeles del Infierno, Kreator, Jorn, Exodus, Panzer, Barón Rojo, Los Suaves, Medina Azahara...

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